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Smart Storage

The Configurator of SKWARE®

When the leader of the refrigerated materials meets the pioneer of storage !

Real tool dedicated to your storage installations (dry, frozen, fresh products), it permits you to imagine, compare and select the configuration and the installation the most adapted to your needs.

An easy use which permits you, in a few clicks to find the shelf exaclty adapted to all of your constraints and your needs!

skware demarch shelves for cold room

It’s during 2016, that GFF, looking fo new product discovers SKWARE®.

French maker of smart storage solutions in composite materialsSKWARE® innovate in the storage sector by its products but also by its approach. The latter refocuses the customer need in the center of the reflection : it’s the end of bad used space, or standards shelves inadapted to store products.

Précursor and councillor for colf professionals, GFF revealed in SKWARE® humans values identical to its but also a quality and a product technic required for its job. Hygiene, safety, modularity, adaptation to customer needs, all of requirements to an optimal solution are presents!

It’s this partnership rich in grey cells and in dynamism which gave birth to the configurator!