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Smart Storage

Shelves exactly adapted to your needs !

And if you choose the perfect configuration for your job ?


Thanks to 100 % custom-made manufacturing and adapted to your needs, you can choose the number of levels that you want but also the number of perforations on the shelves, permits you to modulate at your conveniance levels of your storage solution SKWARE®.

rayonnage-alimentaire-étagère-chambres-froides-affinage-salaison-pictos anglais

Some applications examples :

The “I”

skware étagère pour chambre froide simple
fleche petite skware

Gain of free floor space and facility to move the shelf SKWARE® !

skware étagère à lisses cornières

The “L”

skware étagère pour chambre froide angle
fleche petite skware

Gain of storage space with the angle connexions, forget embarrassing pole !

skware étagère à lisses et lisses d'angle

The “U”

skware étagères pour chambre froide
fleche petite skware

Full use of the storage space for a maximum optimisation !

skware étagère à lisses angle

Let’s focus on the technical elements


The rails system offers constant adaptability and modularity. The patented clip system is used to change the heights of shelves quickly and easily, no matter what the requirements specification, weight or size of your cheeses.

Ideally suited to professions requiring easy and speedy assembly and dismantling: they can be adapted to suit, amongst other things, the volume and seasonality of the stored products.

étagère à lisse skware clipsage

Corner rails

Gain storage space and reduce your investment costs thanks to corner shelves.

They mean you can make the best possible use of your cold room. The absence of uprights on the front face also means these professional shelves offer excellent manoeuvrability.

lisse d'angle étagère alimentaire

Angle supports

These reduce the obstruction of height (space between levels) and make work from the front easier because of their lateral mounting.

Especially suitable for automation, they offer a solution to all the constraints generated by robots or regular handling. They are also ideal for cheese ripening cellars or as smoking shelves.

Cornières rayonnage alimentaire skware


With the aim of producing structures that are always more agile and supporting your manufacturing processes in an optimal way, our professional shelving is constantly changing and developing thanks to the mobility concept (development of mobile trolleys, tables, shelves, etc.) that includes casters.

Roulettes skware étagères professionnelles


Strappings permits you to combine mobility, modularity and resistance. Thanks to strappings, we can conceive mobile storage solutions, such as carts, which can support heavy loads. Strappings permit to configure modular shelves in composite materials thanks to the facility of their attachment system.

cerclage skware étagère à fromages