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Smart Storage

Why to replace your stainless shelves, stainless-steels shelves and your metallic shelves by shelves in composite SKWARE® ?

SKWARE® designs and manufactures intelligent and innovative shelves made of composite materials, which suit all food industry applications.

Modular, made-to-measure, mobile, connected and resistant, SKWARE® food grade shelves can be perfectly adapted to your storage space and will meet all your requirements.

Corrosion, rust and breakage are frequent problems with stainless steel or metallic shelves. Thanks to our SKWARE® composites and our cold room shelves, discover food shelving systems that are reliable, robust, intelligent and innovative, and which ensure impeccable hygiene. SKWARE® solutions guarantee the safety of your stored products, as well as outstanding compliance with standards.

The stronger and the durability are featured with our composite materials SKWARE® !

Study on materials in saline environment


We carried out a study to test how 3 different materials react when faced with corrosion by saline fog (304L stainless steel, Z275 galvanised steel and the SKWARE®  composite material) according to the ISO 9227 (2012) standard, for a duration of 1,000 hrs with observation every 250 hrs in an independent laboratory.
This test allowed a comparison of the resistance of the three materials in critical atmospheres, to better understand your constraints as well as the consequences certain materials can provoke in your environment.

The results of the test shows that SKWARE®’s composite materials stay unchanged in front of extrem situations.

Thansk to our composite materials SKWARE®, your shelves assure you a
perfect hygiene !

Study on the effect of cleaning on our SKWARE®’s composite materials






This study permits to certify that our composite materials SKWARE® are resistant to extensive and repetitive clean-up operations.. Also they confirmed that those clean-up operations doesn’t affect our materials.


The results of the study certify that there is any difference of surface aspect, any default, any fissure, any brightness, any yellowing. The color and the quality stay unchanged.

An evident observation

In this study, you can note the corrosion of the inox and thus imagine the ageing of your inox shelves over time. Choose the composite solutions is also to guard against the hygiene lack and the breakage danger which inox shelves create.

Respect of standards, follow-up of the quality and absence of materiel substitution are solutions bring by SKWARE® shelves.

So embark, replace your inox shelves by composite solutions SKWARE® and save time and money daily.