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Smart Storage

SKWARE®‘s solution to food making problems

A shelving system for every product

Made-to-measure cheese ripening shelves that are resistant to whey and brine; smoking or salting shelves with reassuring load capacities, or else curing shelves offering exceptional durability and resistance to blood and corrosive products; for each product line there is food shelving that is perfectly suited to its requirements and expectations;

All of the SKWARE® structures benefit from food contact certification and meet current design standards for steel storage materials (NF EN 15512).

The arduous work and corrosion related to your stainless steel shelves or the breakage of your galvanised steel shelves become ancient history thanks to the technical capabilities of SKWARE® made-to-measure shelves.

Suitable for any size of business, from the small artisan retailer to industry on an international scale, SKWARE® is available to all and brings an increase in storage space, production, cleanliness and durability.

Let’s focus on the technical elements

Cheese ripening shelves and curing shelves:

Traditional stainless steel shelves have limited durability in the face of salt, whey, humidity and brine, which are constantly present in the cheese making environment. Corrosion is a frequent consequence in this environment, and it causes a lot of damage to cheese cellar shelves. The SKWARE® composite materials bring safety, stability and durability to your installations, thanks to cheese shelves that are perfectly suited to your environment.

Smoking shelves:

Smoked fish or meats demand reinforced materials. The humidity and heat of smoking installations, as well as other special conditions, require ham cellar shelves and all other smoking shelves to be very resistant. Made-to-measure SKWARE® shelves meet all of the acidity, cleaning, hygiene and safety challenges of these installations.

Salting shelves:

Dry or brine salting, blood and acidity will also have no effect on our materials. Traditional stainless steel shelves can suffer from rust pitting or other damage linked to these difficult conditions, but SKWARE® salting shelves resist the most testing conditions. Offering a reduction of arduous work, an increase in space and manoeuvrability, SKWARE® is the perfect professional shelving system for your business.

Cold room shelves

SKWARE® professional shelf units are also perfectly suited to other food products due to their food contact certification, according to Article 16 of (EC) Regulation No. 1935/2004, meeting the construction rules and standards that ensure hygiene whenever they are used.