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Smart Storage

SKWARE®‘s solution to accessory problems

The Accesskware® are adapted to all of your jobs. Conceived to resist to binding storage environment, it simplify your life with small prices !

Stack and nest containers

Adopt hygienic containers SKWARE® from 4.95 € !

Our bins Accesskware® answers to the last european alimentarity standards and european dimensionals standards 600 x 400 et 300 x 400. Our hygienic bins must be perforated or full based on your needs !


Simplify your life with the pallets SKWARE® from 5,70 € !

The pallets Accesskware® answers to the european dimensionals standards. The ligh stack and nest palets SKWARE® assure you an irreprochable hygiene and an easy-cleanning.

The hygienic pallets Accesskware® for a clean and a safety off standard, answers to the european dimensionals standards 1200 x 800, perforating or full version.

Applications - Acceskware 3


Return your tubs, cardboards and mobile objects with wagons SKWARE ® from 37,00 €!

Our rolling platform SKWARE ® respects the European dimensional standards 600 x 400 and support up to 300 kg!

chariot skware

Trays and other shelves


Wooden, plastic, solid or perforated… many combinations are possible to best suit the requirements of each product and resolve every storage or manufacturing problem. Also available with SKWARE® : the refining Sanair boards, they combine ventilation, hygiene and space saving. They are manufactured by Servi Doryl, specialises in the design and manufacture of moulds, block-moulds and accessories for making cheese (mats, trays, vats, etc.).

Accesskware® Catalog

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