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Smart Storage


The primary values of SKWARE® are innovation, dynamism, authentic human relationships and ambition.


The philosophy

Offer intelligent, simple, unique and innovative products in the storage solutions for demanding environments market. Develop and maintain respectful relationships with our customers, by offering high quality products that help improve the quality of your products and optimize your processes.


Present today in France and its neighbouring countries, SKWARE® is expanding rapidly. But it was also thanks to a unique and committed vision of the company that the team was able to grow and spread its wings in 2014. After several meetings, the manufacturing, sales and marketing departments were formed and structured.


The concept

SKWARE® solutions aim to be practical and modular. They can be configured to withstand all constraints.

For who ?

Certain sectors such as the food, medical and electronics sectors have to comply with imposed storage conditions and very strict hygiene tests, which require specific solutions.

To resolve these issues, SKWARE® offers structures made of composite materials that are 7 times lighter than stainless steel, easier to clean, resistant to salt, ammonia, chemical products and humidity (up to 98%), anti-static, non-corrodible and imperishable.

How ?

Thanks to SKWARE® , you can develop precisely the storage space to use based on your needs.

Our approach : Leave your problems and your constraints to conceive and manufacture with and for you the shelf which optimized your storage spaces.

SKWARE® is here to answer to your needs, whether it’s to win space floor, to equip at the nearest centimeter your cold room, or storage space, or to store more in the same space.

The SKWARE® advantage

The innovation also resides in its concept: shelving units that are endlessly transformable using an assembly kit of parts that can bear up to 3 tonnes per unit and rise to a height of 6 metres. You can use your imagination and meet requirements as closely as possible with trolleys, tables, shelf units, etc.

Moreover, all SKWARE®‘s solutions are designed and manufactured in France.

The team

What makes us different? Our work, our passion, Tetris and Rubik’s Cube!



Founder and Managing Director of SKWARE®, Thomas passes on his vision of an innovative and dynamic company to his whole team.


Our Marketing and Business Intelligence Manager, Laura stays abreast of your experiences with our products, market changes and company requirements.



Mélanie manufactures each of the concepts developed with you and ensures that their quality is always the main focus of our attention.



Product marketing assistant manager, Léa applies the communication strategy and degins all the visuals on and off-line.


Partners at the outset, new, private and professional partners, institutions, media, etc.

Each one and all combined help to make your project a success.