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Smart Storage

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Medias / 24-10-2017

SKWARE® for your storage in cold rooms !

The ideal solution for the sotrage in cold room !

The storage in cold room is binding, whether it’s the storage in positive cold or in negative cold. The corrosion and the brekage are frequents with the stainless-steel shelves. Moreover, with metallic storage solutions, the load resistance is limited and the loss of storage space is inevitable. One of the principal storage in cold room problem is to succeed to adapt the equipment to the stored products volume to have a good repartition of the temperature in the storage space.

Perfectly adapted to the use in cold room, our smart storage solutions SKWARE® are in composite materials, non-corrosive, rot-proof and resistant to heavy load up to 500 kg per level.

Our shelves are also suitable for contact with food according to the standard CE N°1935/2004, but also provides an irreprochable hygiene.

With SKWARE®, the cold room are optimized to the maximum, save storage spacing and equipped to the nearest centimeter. A shelf SKWARE® bring optimization, safety and hygiene where a metallic shelf bring corrosion and breakage!

The cold chain control is the principal constraint when we work with fresh products, chilled of frozen. SKWARE® conceive smart shelves not only by their capacity of adaptation to every storage space but also thanks to their technology. Equipped with the RFID active technology our storage solutions permit of measure the temperature and the hygrometry and thus to control the storage space in real time. The RFID active technology give the possibility to control and adjust the products storage conditions instantly through a web interface and acquire data to improve process. In case of problem, the user is immediately alerted by a SMS on an e-mail.


A partnership with the leader of refrigerated equipment!

It’s during 2016 that the GFF, in search of new products, discovered SKWARE®. French manufacturer of smart storage solutions in composite materials, SKWARE® innovate in the storage sector by its products but also by its approach. This latter refocuses the customer need in the center of the reflection : it’s the end of bad used spaces or standard equipment which are inadapted to the stored products.