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skware export étagère à fromages rayonnage alimentaire
Medias / 14-09-2017

SKWARE® all around the world !

SKWARE® have an international ambition since its creation, whether for its name or its values.

This is not suprising that barely 4 years of existence, SKWARE® is almost presents in 7 countries.

The goal of our team is to answers to specific needs, business problems ! On this day an approach not widely in the storage environment !

It’s for this unique approach and for shelves, racks and trolleys with incomparable qualities that artisans and industrials from all corners of the globe have sought us.

In forst, our job consist to understand work methods, products, constraints and users problems to conceive adapted storage solutions.

Moreover as you can read on previous articles, our approach have always placed in its heart the user. So, we are sure to develop the ideal solution answered perflecty to the real need of everybody. We browse continents to the meeting of these jobs, artisans and their know-how, to allow a better understanding of their nuances as similarities.

Butchers, fishmongers, cheesemakers, restorers, industrials, refiners, salting makers … all of them, wherever they are located, have similar problems : hygiene, resistance, durability or necessity to modular levels are common features to agrifood business of the differents countries that we were able to meet.

All this exchanges, meetings able to us to develop technically but also humanly. Today with more than 200 installations in Europe, America, Canada and shortly in Russia, the exportation of SKWARE® shelves is only just beginning.