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skware cheese factory la prairie
Testimonials / 14-02-2018

Raphaël Dervaux

La Prairie, an inescapable cheese factory in the North of France, was created in 1952, in Béthune by two passionate, Vincent DERVAUX and his son Raphaël. Since a few years, a second shop was born to Arras.

The meadow is a place favored for the amateurs of good products, with more than 200 cheeses permanently, coming from local producers, but also thanks to creations original houses.

For the creation of the cheese factory La Prairie d’Arras, Mister DERVAUX needed to fit out his new natural cellar of 15 m ². It is in the magazine Profession Cheese maker that Raphaël DERVAUX heard of SKWARE® and of his solutions of refining.

To meet the needs perfectly of La Prairie, SKWARE® installed in the course of August 2017, two shelves with cheeses outings of valleys and trays wood, specially conceived for the refining of cheeses. These shelves with cheeses are flexible until 8 levels and can welcome to them two up to 4 tons of cheeses!

« I wanted an innovative storage solution for my cheese factory, I choose SKWARE® and the composite materials ! » Mister DERVAUX is delighted by his new shelves SKWARE® which allow him an ease of exceptional cleaning!

To discover : La Prairie –  4 rue Trois Visages – 62 000 ARRAS & 20 rue Albert 1er – 62 400 BETHUNE