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Smart Storage

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Testimonials / 19-01-2018

Hugo Franquelin


The National School of the Industries of the Milk and Meats, of  La Roche-sur-Foron, is 85 years old of experience. This school-company groups scientific and technical skills carried by methods of transmissions and educational which allow a made a success insertion in the professional world.

In June, 2016, the part cheese dairy contained 2 production lines of unpasteurized milk cheeses: a line for the Reblochon and a line for other pastas pressed: tomme cheese of Savoie, Abundance, Raclettes and grindstone Rochoise.

The preservation of the productions cheese makers under IGP, AOP and AOC is essential to preserve the coherence with the activities of the sectors as well as the transmission of the know-how cheese maker. The processes bound to these manufacturings were identified and mastered, but the diversity of made products required a versatility of tools, non-existent at this moment, to answer the various imperatives of production.

The solution of refining had to allow to imagine the installation of several typologies of products in the same space, the impossible thing with wooden or stainless standard solutions which keep a fixed structure. While the seasonality of products asks for a management, for an adaptability and thus for a fast modification of the installations.

Endowed with a formation as agricultural engineer, Hugo Franquelin, 25 years old, is at the head of the technological workshops. It is Thomas Mignard the president of SKWARE ® who exchanged with Hugo Franquelin to find the solution the most adapted to needs and to problems of the school.

« Obviously shelves have to respect the hygiene and safety standards of all the manufacturing units of foodstuffs! Nettoyability, corrosion resistance and to the aggressive elements, the capacity of load, … But they also have to bring a modularity according to the technological orientations or to the production of workshops. »

SKWARE® thus conceived shelves as so as to the fact that they can receive a maximum of cheese in every configuration. What allowed the school to multiply by 4 its capacity of refining, to facilitate the management of refining at the long times and to offer the possibility of developing the methods of refining by modifying the spacings of the levels.

« It is a solution which can bring an answer to the management of the space, of more the assembly of the structure was very fast and the widely respected budget! »

« The custom-made conception is an immense happiness, the comfort is matchless if we compare with wooden standard installations or in stainless steel. »

A school pioneer in the satisfied research and development, a creator of solution of storage which raised the challenge with pleasure!