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Smart Storage

Medias / 09-08-2017

The customer in the center of our approach

Our approach : Understand and analyze all your problems and your constraints to conceive and manufacture with and for you the shelf which optimized your storage space.

SKWARE® answers to your needs, whether you want to store more trolleys, crates or tables), to equip your cold room (to gain from the storage area) to the nearest centimeter, or to store more in the same space.

Your needs and your problems are in the center of your reflexion to proprose you the ideal shelf conceived just for you.

How better to optimize your storage space than with a tailor-made solution designed with and for you ? The custom fabrication of SKWARE® becomes your best ally !

Every storage space is different, that’s why our tailor-made shelves SKWARE® are conceived according to your dimensions and stored products, thus it permit you to win a maximum of space.

« Thansk to our shelf SKWARE®, we were able to increase our storage capacity by at least 40%! » Frédéric Van Tricht – Cheese Factory Van Tricht

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