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Smart Storage

Medias / 01 March 2018

American cheese makers trust SKWARE®!

In a few months, SKWARE® continues its development in the export, in particular in the United States. The American cheese makers trust SKWARE ® for the arrangement and the optimization of ... Learn more >>

Medias / 24 October 2017

SKWARE® for your storage in cold rooms !

The ideal solution for the sotrage in cold room ! The storage in cold room is binding, whether it’s the storage in positive cold or in negative cold. The corrosion and the ... Learn more >>

skware alimentarité étagère alimentaire
Medias / 06 October 2017

Storage shelf for cold room

The GFF presents an innovation in the storage world : shelves SKWARE®. Innovative, smart and in composite materials, they provide an added value for this cold room equipment often little considered. To ... Learn more >>

Medias / 14 September 2017

SKWARE® all around the world !

SKWARE® have an international ambition since its creation, whether for its name or its values. This is not suprising that barely 4 years of existence, SKWARE® is almost presents in 7 countries. The ... Learn more >>

skware export étagère à fromages rayonnage alimentaire
Medias / 23 August 2017

Hygiene and safety are our priority

STRONG CHALLENGES Today even more than before, hygiene, food safety, respect for the cold chain and storage in cold rooms represent considerable issues ! The so-called  « hygiene package » regulation imposes strict and precise ... Learn more >>

Medias / 09 August 2017

The customer in the center of our approach

Our approach : Understand and analyze all your problems and your constraints to conceive and manufacture with and for you the shelf which optimized your storage space. SKWARE® answers to your needs, whether you want to ... Learn more >>

Medias / 02 August 2017

Solution to optimize storage spaces

Start-up specialized in smart storage solutions in composite materials for food industry, SKWARE with la GFF, offers a configurator dedicated to storage installations (fresh, frozen, dried products,…). Some sectors, like food ... Learn more >>

Medias / 12 July 2017

Gain storage place with Skware

Innovative company created by Thomas Mignard, Skware develops a range of connected shelves that integrate active RFID technology to control the storage and handling conditions of fresh or frozen products. The ... Learn more >>

Medias / 05 July 2017

A solution to the storage constraints of the Bakery and Pastry business

Optimally storing their products while complying with the strict hygiene rules to which they are subjected is one of the priorities of bakers. Developing intelligent storage solutions in composite materials, SKWARE®, ... Learn more >>

Medias / 13 April 2017

SKWARE® : In line !

The tidal trades have confirmed their interest in the Skware shelves. Modular, non-corrosive structures adapt to small spaces, optimize storage and are easy to clean. The company also supplies bins and ... Learn more >>