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Smart Storage

Innovations / 31 January 2018

The SKWARE® workshop, our factory of manufacturing

The Workshop SKWARE® turn at full capacity at this beginning of year 2018 and doesn’t stop evolving! The orders are linked: shelves with rails, shelves with corner rails, trolleys… All our team of manufacturing is ... Learn more >>

skware workshop composite materials
Innovations / 24 January 2018

The respect for the stakes in hygiene and in food safety with SKWARE®

You store sensitive products requiring an incomparable respect of the hygiene standards and you have need to an adapted storage solution? The no-corrodable and rot-proof shelves of SKWARE® are in composite materials and brings you an irreproachable hygiene! The storage of ... Learn more >>

intertek composite materials hygiene safety food
Innovations / 19 January 2018

The connected shelves SKWARE®

You want to secure, control to the perfection your storage space and obtain all the data necessary to spoil your products ? Choose the connected shelves SKWARE® ! The connectez shelves of SKWARE® ... Learn more >>

RFID RIS skware stockage contrôle
Innovations / 14 September 2017

The custom-made of SKWARE®, an added value !

SKWARE® and its smart shelves in composie materials custom-made adapt themselves to the millimeter to your constraints and your problems ! Thanks to a 100% custom-made manufacture and adapted to your needs, ... Learn more >>

étagère skware sur-mesure modulable rfid
Innovations / 14 September 2017

A simplicity and modularity concept

SKWARE® and its smart shelves in composite materials adapt to infinity in simplicity ! The innovation developped by SKWARE® is also in its concept : modular to infinity shelves by a game ... Learn more >>

Innovations / 02 August 2017

The technology RFID active of SKWARE, an added value for your products !

Instantly controlling the temperature and hygrometry of your storage space becomes a snap with SKWARE® active RFID technology ! A SIMPLIFIED DAILY USE : The RFID captor, place on SKWARE®’s shelves, permits to ... Learn more >>

Innovations / 07 June 2017

SKWARE® and tailor-made for you !

Who says tailor-made, says also small size! SKWARE® manufactures mobile storage solutions for ever more convenience! For example, this three-level heald trolley simplifies your life. Very practical dimensions to go everywhere: ... Learn more >>

Innovations / 13 March 2017

When the leader of refrigeration equipment meets the innovator of storage !

It is in 2016, that the GFF, in search of novelty product discovers SKWARE®. SKWARE®, a French manufacturer of smart storage solutions in composite materials, innovates the storage environment by its ... Learn more >>

Innovations / 08 June 2016

Composites: a safe bet for your shelves

Dreaming about shelving that is easy to clean, durable and resistant to salt, blood, humidity, whey, etc. ? The food shelving in composite materials is perfect for you! Our solutions are ideally ... Learn more >>

Innovations / 29 February 2016

Smart shelves by SKWARE

SKWARE® launches connected storage solutions. Equipped with active R.F.I.D sensors, our connected shelves will allow you to enhance and adjust your refining and storage process. Our sensors will allow you to instantly ... Learn more >>